Track Training

Getting on track. It’s something that’s not easy for me because I really hate track training. I do it only to increase speed so I tell tell myself, “You love track training. You love track training.” The thing is, I’m completely competitive with myself so ramping up my pace is something I’m always trying to beat, … More Track Training


No matter how hard you train if you don’t cross train, you won’t get too far. Truth is, the primary muscles you use daily get over worked and it’s just as important to work and start to use your other muscles. As much as running as I do, I make sure to alternate days to … More Cross-training

Nuevo Vallarta

Break my toe in Mexico. All my life I lived in a state that border our southern neighbor never setting foot but indulged in it’s food, listened to it’s music, and known it’s history, until seven months ago. Now, within seven months I’ve been twice and look forward to the future ones. It’s not that … More Nuevo Vallarta

How it began

2002 “What’s the point of running?” “I don’t know how you can do it.” These are some comments I repeatedly hear over the years. Some days I don’t know how I do it either, I just lace up, mind prep, fuel properly, lace up, and go! It all started 15 years ago, when my then … More How it began

Íslandi Tips

I decided to gather and share some tips on Iceland. Ever since the launch of WOW air several years ago, it has made flying to Europe, specifically Iceland much more affordable. It’s cheap to get there, but it’s expensive to be there. Everything from food to gas comes with a pretty heavy price tag. Being from San … More Íslandi Tips

Íslandi Part III

October 6, 2016 Here it is, the final leg –  Part III. How sad were we to be approaching our final days on this beautiful island. Here’s the map of day 5-8 to follow along. We are on day 5 of our journey and after our nice hearty breakfast (yes, it was another all you … More Íslandi Part III

Íslandi Part II

October 4, 2016 And the saga continues –  Part II. All through the night into the late morning, the storm was raging. It finally let up around 10 am, that’s when we decided it was a good time to head out. Some walks around and a few pictures later we headed into a cute Láki Hafnarkaffi for … More Íslandi Part II

Íslandi Part I

October 1, 2016 It all started with an impulsive purchase, and just a nine month wait. Finally it’s October! Ready for take off!  My friend and I were so ready to fly off to the land known as fire and ice, Iceland! It only took nine months of waiting to get there. During our flight over, we were … More Íslandi Part I