Track Training

Getting on track. It’s something that’s not easy for me because I really hate track training. I do it only to increase speed so I tell tell myself, “You love track training. You love track training.” The thing is, I’m completely competitive with myself so ramping up my pace is something I’m always trying to beat, so how else to get there then on the track.

What helped me get there was I practiced the Yasso 800s. It’s not scientifically proven, but many marathoners swear by them, and it actually did help me. How it works is you run the fastest on the 800s then on the 400s do an easy jog, then go right back into it. Do this for five laps to work your way up to ten. What I do is run half the track at my upmost fastest I can, seems long but it’s brief, then I jog or pretty much walk a quarter of the track, then repeat. The time you finish the 800s indicates the time you’ll complete your race. After you get up to 10 x 800s, the time you complete it, say if it’s 3:30 (m:ss), that will predict your completed marathon time, 3 hours and 30 minutes. Click here to watch the man himself, Bart Yasso explain it.

It just takes once a week to help increase speed. Just make sure to not overwork  your legs, start slow and work your way up.

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