So lucky that my gym has a rooftop pool!

No matter how hard you train if you don’t cross train, you won’t get too far. Truth is, the primary muscles you use daily get over worked and it’s just as important to work and start to use your other muscles.

As much as running as I do, I make sure to alternate days to swim, spot train, practice yoga, leisure bike rides, tone long lean muscles with Pilates, have fun with spin classes, or any other activities that I’ll have fun with it.

Whether your training or not for a race, it’s important. As much as it’s an overall workout, your legs need a break from running. In order for your performance to improve, you’ll need to focus on strengthening those hamstrings, quads, calfs, glutes, core, and other parts of your body.

Cross training is one of the best things you can do for your body. It’s what you need. Any athlete will know it the off seasons to keep training in preparation for the day.

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